Thursday, November 3, 2005

Takeshi Kaneshiro, Andy Lau, Ziyi Zhang

"I sacrificed three years for you. How could you love him after only three days?"

I've read many positive reviews about this movie that's why I was determined to buy it. So I made the rounds of all the video stores and finally bought it for P150 at SM Department store of all places.
Anyways, it is a hauntingly beautiful movie, set in a long forgotten era of the sleeping giant, China. Cinematography is excellent, gorgeous shots of vibrantly colorful scenery. It also helps that the 3 main characters are physically attractive and pleasing to the eyes. The fighting scenes are intricately choreographed and flawless in nature. I especially like the scene in the bamboo forest where the soldiers were pursuing Wind and Mei - the bright green of the bamboo trees clashing with the colorful attire of the two ill fated lovers. Fantastic! But the main core of the movie is that it is rather sad love story. The twists all unfold towards the end and it takes a while to let all of them sink in. My only beef is that it took her some time to really die which made it a bit comical but I guess that can be overlooked.

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