Friday, November 4, 2005


Fanny Cottencon, Francois Marthouret

"For life and beyond"

TV 5

TV 5 telefilm

Charlotte and Paul are a married couple who have been together for almost 20 years. She is a midwife and he is an expert in developmental agriculture who has worked with several relief agencies mostly in Africa. They decide to return to France and live on their farm after his mission was cut short mostly because his methods are deemed obsolete. They have never lived a day apart from each other so they are distraught when they find out that Paul has developed cancer. Flashback scenes of their idyllic stay in Africa are shown from time to time to view their deep commitment to each other. A black and white picture taken 20 years ago when they first met is signed by both of them with the phrase "For life and beyond". So when she finds out that Paul's life is threatened with cancer, she fights to keep her promise. She wants to join him in his final journey. Paul in turn, returns to Africa alone so she won't see him suffer. But eventually he is too sick and has to go back to France and be with his beloved Charlotte. Although the entire movie deals with a sensitive theme, the actors do not get too melodramatic and their subtle acting conveys poignant emotions. A simple movie that deals with life, love, euthanasia, suicide and grief.

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