Saturday, November 26, 2005

Kim Basinger, Chris Evans, William H. Macy

"When the signal dies, so does she.


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Due to my current computer problems, I'm now sitting in an internet cafe, trying to wreak my mind and come up with a good review of this film. Not easy given that I got a young teenager playing a computer game to my right and a young woman talking on her mic and making silly faces on her webcam.
I wasn't able to see the beginning of the movie because Gilmore Girls was still on at Studio 23. But it is fairly easy to follow and get caught up in the excitement of watching a gorgeous hunk, Chris Evans be a good Samaritan by helping a stranger through his cellphone. Kim Basinger, the damsel in distress is making the poor chap roam all over the city so he can warn her husband of some very bad guys. These guys turn out to be rogue cops caught on tape (recorded by the husband) killing off some drug dealers. So we follow good Samaritan drive through the city, avoiding tunnels, carjacking a vehicle and holding up a telecoms shop so he can get a charger. Everything humanely possible not to lose the signal on his cellphone. His only link to said damsel in distress. Somewhere in between the chase, we are introduced to a cop (played by William H. Macy who is miscast in this film) who is retiring to put up his own spa. Of course we know for sure, he will be the one tasked to play the good cop who catches the rogue ones. It was a fairly entertaining film and it was exciting enough to grab my short attention span. I also think it was a neat concept to show the end credits of the movie on the cellphones used by the actors in their different scenes.

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